COVID-19: The Importance of Wearing a Mask When You Go Out

It is obvious in Asia, but apparently, it escaped to our countries ... Wearing a protective mask is essential in the event of a pandemic. This is confirmed by the National Academy of Medicine in a recent press release.


Little by little, the messages begin to evolve regarding the wearing of a protective mask. Indeed, a few weeks ago, people claim that wearing a protective mask was useless!


However, since the beginning of this epidemic which has turned into a pandemic, all of Asia has practically worn a protective mask when people are walking on the streets. The Chinese, but also the Hong Kongers (who still remember with emotion the SARS in 2003 and who managed to contain the epidemic without confinement and by being a direct neighbor of China), the South Koreans or the Taiwanese (one least affected countries and yet also neighboring China).


In Asia, it is a matter of respect for others beyond protection itself. "I am sick or potentially sick" I wear a mask so as not to infect others. Evidence in these distant lands ...


"In the Far East, for many years, the wearing of an anti-projection mask by the population has been both a preventive measure and an act of good citizenship in a situation of virus epidemic" indicates the Academy of Medicine. It is established that people in the incubation period or in asymptomatic carriage carry the virus and maintain the transmission of the infection.


It was time for a little logic to settle on this subject in our country! And then, if the masks protect the medical profession, there is no reason why it does not protect ordinary people ...


In this context, it is recommended that:

- in a situation of shortage of masks and when the priority of allocation of surgical masks acquired by the State must go to health structures (health establishments, medico-social establishments, health professionals in the liberal sector) and for the most exposed professionals, the National Academy of Medicine recommends that the wearing of a "general public" mask, also called "alternative", be made compulsory for the necessary outings during confinement;


In the declining phase of the epidemic curve, the will of the public authorities to mitigate as much as possible the economic and social impact of the pandemic will lead to a decision to lift the population's home confinement.


In order for the lifting of containment to be as early and as risky as possible, it is important that this lifting of confinement is accompanied by the maintenance of the barrier measures currently recommended until control of the circulation of the virus evidenced by the absence of new cases declared during a period of 14 days. As part of this lifting of lockdown, the mandatory wearing of a "general public" or "alternative" mask by the population should be maintained;

 As the shortage of masks is likely to last a few more weeks, it is necessary to resort, currently and with a view to breaking out of confinement, to the use of a “general public” or “alternative” mask.

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