About Us

NiiceFace is an essential brand designed to ensure proper protection from viral pathogens, pollution and allergens, and is more prevalent now than ever. The importance of wearing a mask has become the new norm, but having the ability to sport a fashionable mask sanctions style given with purpose.

We set forth in researching ways to manufacture a mask that not only guarantees protection, but also provides comfort and durability for both children and adults. It is important that we highlight one of our key focuses in producing a comfortable mask for children to actively enjoy their everyday play while having a seamless self-care experience!

We have made it our mission to educate others about protective-care by offering a well-designed facemask using an innovative replaceable PM2.5 filter to effectively block out airborne contaminants. Particulate matter (PM) refers to the particles in the air that cause pollution and because these particles vary in size, it is difficult to acknowledge the possible damage to your health without proper protection. We recognized the dangers of pollutants and we are determined to protect others with our 5-layered activated carbon filter geared to trust!